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Sponge/Soap Holder

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Want to rest two or more sponges by the sink at the same time? Use two or more soaps or bath bombs in your bath? We got you covered! Use this product as a sponge holder, a soap holder, or both!

The sloped grooves in the shelves allow water to drip into the sink directly without the need to pour out the water. And unlike other in-sink sponge holders, which take up sink space and accumulate dirty splashes over time, the open-air design allows damp items to dry out faster without taking extra room of your sink. Say goodbye to moldy, stinky sponges and shapeless, wasted soaps!

Sysler takes pride in making this product with high-quality, elegant, and clear acrylic that will match with any kitchen or bath decor.

Product Features

  • Double shelf design to hold more sponges or soaps 

  • Longer top shelf prevents drips onto the shelf below 

  • Sloped grooves drain water to the sink directly

  • Top shelf design can hold items even larger than the shelf

  • One size fits most sponges and soaps 

  • Four non-slip, removable pads elevate the bottom from the countertop

  • No need to manually pour out leftover water

BONUS FEATURE: It also works as a rack to dry small gadgets!


DIMENSIONS: WIDTH- 5.04 inches/ 12.8 centimeters, HEIGHT- 4.59 inches/ 11.65 centimeters, DEPTH: 3.8 inches/ 9.65 centimeters

NET WEIGHT: 11OZ/ 289g

USE & CARE: Hand wash only. Air dry or wipe with clean soft cloth. Do not use strong chemiccal cleaners or abrasive cloths.